Cathedral Prep 2022 Theater Season


With a monumental school year beginning for Cathedral Preparatory School, a monumental season for Cathedral Prep Theater is beginning as well. The first show scheduled is the iconic musical Into the Woods, and it will be shown in the H. David Bowes auditorium from Nov. 10-13.

The rest of the schedule includes the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night’s Dream scheduled for Feb. 2-5, and the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is scheduled for Apr. 27-30. Auditions for Into the Woods took place on Sep. 20 in the Cathedral Prep music room located just outside of the brand new Student Life Center, and according to director Father Mike DiMartinis, the auditions went smoother than ever before.

“We could do them [the auditions] all in one day since all of the students are on the same campus,” Father Mike said. “This really helped us with time. Rehearsals can also start at least thirty minutes earlier due to the fact that the girls do not have to travel anywhere close to as far as they had to travel before. They are now only steps away.”

Sophomore Noah Wagner is starring as Jack in Into the Woods, and he agrees with Father Mike. Noah also feels that even though Cathedral Prep theater looks different, it is better than it has ever been before.

“Theater has started to be a little bit easier; however, it has been a bit challenging because we are taking theater to the next level,” Noah said. “We are expanding the program to be the best it has ever been. It has been so much more fun due to the fact that we get to see each other every day. I am very excited to be back on stage with my cast mates and I cannot wait until everyone gets to see the incredible production we are putting together.”

The stage for this year’s theater season is set, and the student body cannot wait to support their Cathedral Prep brothers and sisters.

If you are interested in Cathedral Prep theater or have any questions, please contact Father Mike DiMartinis via email at [email protected].