Annual “Powderpuff” football game kicks off homecoming weekend


Olivia Buckel, Senior Editor-in-Chief

The annual seniors vs. juniors “Powderpuff” football game was held on Friday, Oct. 7 at the Hagerty Family Events Center. With a score of 42-35, the seniors took the win, and homecoming weekend had officially begun.

“Powderpuff” is a chance for the female students of Cathedral Prep to play football. A lot of the girls who participate in the game are athletes themselves, and their competitive nature is never held back.

After many years of this tradition at Villa Maria Academy, students were grateful that it was brought over to Cathedral Prep, and the seniors were overjoyed to end their high school career with a win.

Senior Mally Mourton took part in “Powderpuff” as a junior last year, and she was very grateful to take part in it once again as a senior.

“At the start of the game, I was the snapper, who is the one who tosses the ball to the quarterback,” Mally said. “But throughout the majority of the game, I was a wide receiver.”

Mally enjoys how much “Powderpuff” allows the students to work as a team and have fun together.

“It was so fun actually acting like a football team, since we had four coaches,” Mally said. “The senior class winning the first Prep ‘Powderpuff’ was probably the most memorable aspect. At one point, I thought we were going to lose after we were in three rounds of overtime. But in the end, we won as a team and we were so proud of one another.”

Mally enjoyed last year’s “Powderpuff,” but in her opinion, this year’s game was unforgettable.

“Last year we were on a small grassy field with a lot of holes, and this year we played on the actual football field and utilized the whole 100 yards. We also had a cheering section this year, as well as full bleachers lined with teachers, students, and parents.”

Cathedral Prep social studies teacher Mr. Parsons had never taken part in “Powderpuff” until this year, and he was lucky enough to be a referee with health and physical education teacher Mr. Schreffler.

“I had heard about ‘Powderpuff’ happening on the Villa campus, but I had not heard much more about it,” Mr. Parsons said. “It always sounded like so much fun, and I was so excited when I heard that the tradition would be carried over to Prep.”

Mr. Parsons enjoyed the game much more than he ever expected.

“I had an absolute blast,” Mr. Parsons said. “It was honestly some of the most fun I have ever had in my time at the school. The players were so engaged in the game. They played great, and it was awesome to see so many students and faculty at the game getting so excited. The game itself was an absolute thriller. After the juniors scored on the last play of the game to send the game into overtime, the seniors ended the game with a clutch interception to win in triple overtime. I cannot wait to be involved again next year.”