Students rate Reese’s as favorite Halloween candy


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, and Cathedral Prep students have differing opinions when it comes to deciding what the best Halloween candy is. Students take flavor, novelty, and aesthetic into account. As communities gear up for the holiday, the student body expressed their thoughts on the topic. 

The winner overall was Reese’s peanut butter cups. The ones in shape of a pumpkin in particular. “They taste the best,” senior Abigail Rush said. “The shape is satisfying, and there is more peanut butter in them.”

Upperclassmen Emily Morphy and Theresa Stull agreed, claiming they are the most festive.

Other favorites include candy that are “fun-sized” and commonly found in stores this time of year.

“KitKats are the best,” Junior Tina Phan said, “especially the white chocolate.”

Not only do they offer simply white chocolate during this time of year, they advertise KitKats dyed green or orange to get into the Halloween spirit. Senior Dina Dinh when asked about her favorite Halloween candy said, “Twix just taste good, and the caramel flavor is perfect for fall.”

Students cherish the classic and traditional tastes that fall brings on.

One thing is for certain, the least favored Halloween candy is candy corn. Known as a Halloween classic, Prep students claim its consistency is too chewy and flavor underwhelming overall.

“They have a weird plastic-like taste,” senior Elena Kacprowicz said.

The packaging they often come in is in bulk, so handing it out to trick-o-treaters is not practical as well. Polling concludes it is enjoyed by a rare few in the school community.

Out of the 30 people questioned, 11 expressed a great distaste for candy corn. 2 people preferred Tootsie Rolls above all else, 2 liked Twix the most, 1 was partial to snickers, 8 favored KitKats, and 17 liked Reese’s the best.

Students at Cathedral Prep may have differing opinions, but they have high standards when it comes to their favorite Halloween themed candy. This holiday season, the Prep community will be enjoying the variety of candy and chocolate in various forms.