Dominican sisters share vocational stories during luncheon


Ellen Dieteman and Alicia Gonzalez

Dominican Sisters from Nashville, Tennessee shared Mass with the Cathedral Prep community and met with discerning young women during lunch on Tuesday, October 25th. After Mass concluded, Sisters Ann Thomas and Mara Grace imparted wisdom on the discerning process by sharing their stories and emphasizing the importance of trust in God through the the decision making process.

In the guidance suite’s conference room they shared their testimonies and answered questions from the group, over lunch from Chick-fil-A. It was made possible by chaplain Fr. Jason Feigh who welcomed them to the area and Campus Ministry’s Mrs. Emily Grenci.

Sr. Mara Grace provided insight on the patience and prayerfulness required to understand God’s calling, stating, “There’s no obvious neon sign that says this is your vocation” and that it is “a gradual drawing of the heart.”

In both their personal lives, they struggled with accepting and answering God’s call. Sr. Ann Thomas recalled instances of doubt in her discernment process and second guessing her decision to become a religious sister. However, “a sincere prayer of surrender,” ultimately led her to acceptance of her vocation.

Students in attendance had positive experiences while spending their lunch with the sisters.

“They were so at peace with their decisions,” sophomore Emilee Vereb said. “They weren’t forceful. They just wanted to share stories.”

Before leaving, they offered some wisdom about the discernment process.

Sr. Mara Grace shared, “God knows we are often afraid, but he’s there with us.”

Sr. Ann Thomas claimed, “Study in truth is such a beautiful opportunity, and we should appreciate the Lord.”