‘No Shave November’ begins


Aiden Gromley, Staff Writer

For Cathedral Prep, No Shave November has become a staple tradition. For seven years, No Shave November has played a huge hand in helping local charities and for this year especially Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

No Shave November is the one month a year when students who pay to participate in the fundraiser get to grow their facial hair and get to show off their beards or a variety of styles of facial hair. It helps for the the Prep students to be able to get the experience to grow out their facial hair during school time. Not only is it fun for those participating, but it is also fun for people that are watching some of there friends’ appearances change with the appearance of facial hair, almost becoming unrecognizable.

A usual participant, senior Akash Sharma spoke about how it is a way to express yourself as a man and how it is adjusting students to the the real world.

“I think it’s a way to embrace our masculinity,” Akash said. “There are many things where I believe you do need to be casual and have a clean shave, but I truly believe in the world that beards are becoming a more common thing.”

With the addition of women to Cathedral Prep, Mr.Baltzer is looking to the future for a female equivalent to No Shave November.

“I have been brainstorming ideas,” he said. “I am totally open to suggestions and hope to find a female equivalent for next year.”

Like Akash, Mr. Baltzer believes that No Shave November is way for male students to express themselves and be creative with facial hair.

“I believe it’s a time when a male student is able express himself creatively through his facial hair,” he said.

There are three main categories to where you can win prizes for participating in No Shave November. These three categories are best beard, longest facial hair, and most special beard. For the male students time is up to start growing out their beards, May the best beards win.