Staff Profile: Henry Abercrombie


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

Everyone loves some type or types of music. For some people, music has had an incredibly profound impact on their life and for others, they couldn’t really tell you if music had any effect on them at all. Henry Abercrombie can tell you for certain that music has had a profound impact on his life, going as far back as when he was very young.

Many people remember their first time listening to music when they were incredibly young. Henry is no different.

“I remember very specifically the first time I listened to music as a baby,” Henry said, “I can remember the song it was, too. It was ‘Breathe’ by Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd in general has always had a influence on my music. I still listen to them today!”

Some people remember the first time they were taken to a concert or they just remember the first time the heard live music.

“The first time I heard live music,” Henry said, “It was at a Blue Öyster Cult concert that my parents took me to. I was very young, so I don’t remember much other than just going to the concert, but I do remember enjoying it quite a bit!”

Even the most staunch music lovers have a particular genre that they just can’t for the life of them find a song that they like.

“Country is definitely that genre for me” Henry also said, “I don’t make fun in any way of people who do listen to country, but I just really can’t find anything that interested me about the genre. It seems like all the songs revolve around and talk about the same things, which is quite boring to me.”