Staff Profile: Hayden Hutchinson


John Santone, Junior Editor

Cathedral Prep Senior Hayden Hutchinson is very active in the Prep community. He is a well known student and friend to many of the upperclassmen. Hayden is an exceptional student and athlete, but his primary concern is his family.

The Hutchinson household consists of five kids and two parents, so Hayden does feel that time is divided, but he has always felt great support from his family. Hayden and his family are all very close, having family dinner every night and taking many trips together. And even with a large family, he has always felt a push to be his own person. His family influences him to be an independent individual. Hayden is the oldest of his siblings, which has led to him developing a strong leadership ability. He and his younger brother have a close bond. Hayden’s biggest influence and his role model is his father, who he tries to emulate in his own life.

Hayden has grown to be very connected to his family. In Hayden’s sophomore year, his family took an RV road-trip going west. His family has a hunting cabin they spend time together at. Hayden has grown to admire traveling with family. He has become comfortable leaving home, and plans to leave Erie for college. His first choice school is Notre Dame, but he would also like Miami. His family is very supportive in encouraging Hayden to follow his dreams.

Hayden plans to eventually start his own family, roughly the size of his own, if not slightly smaller. Although Hayden has a very busy life with his family, making it hard to find personal time, he has a deep love for his family. Though there are ups and downs but be is appreciative of his family.

“It’s not perfect, but I’m happy how it played out,” Hayden said, “I wouldn’t change anything.”