Staff Profile: Olivia Buckel


Kendra Piotrowski, Multimedia Coordinator

Senior Olivia Buckel, senior editor-in-chief of The Rambler, is an inspiration for writing. Olivia joined the Journalism class her junior year. Cathedral Prep offers this elective for students passionate about writing and wanting to express their self in a unique way

Olivia is more passionate about English more than another subject, which is why she felt drawn to this elective her junior year. Olivia plans to use the skills she has learned in this class for her future and career. She plans to major in English in college and continue writing for the school newspaper. She hopes to enter the publishing industry as an editor

“I look at myself last year, and I can see the way my skills have grown,” Olivia said.

Olivia is the first girl to serve as senior editor-in-chief and received an honorable mention in competition for one of her article’s junior year. She served The Rambler as the junior editor for the 2021-2022 school year. She and a few other Villa students took the Journalism class remotely last year. She was the only junior enrolled in the class last year, and she learned from the seniors around her.

Olivia’s favorite article is “Changing the world one headband at a time.” It is about Anna, the sister of Olivia’s close friend Leah. The article touches on Anna’s journey with brain cancer. Anna was lucky enough to win a contest with a company called Headbands of Hope that sells headbands to give back to kids with cancer, and Anna got to design a headband for them.

“My article brought attention to Anna’s headbands and gave profit to Headbands of Hope, which I am incredibly proud of,” Olivia said.

Olivia was inspired to become senior editor-in-chief because she enjoyed being a part of The Rambler during her junior year.

“Senior editor allows me to help other people find their stories,” Olivia said. “I knew I would enjoy that, so now I am here.”

Olivia has a passion for writing and inspires the people around her. I hope people read this and consider going to journalism, to express their writing differently.