Cathedral Prep introduces brand new vending machine


The Rambler

vending machineArriving at its new home early last week, the Cathedral Prep vending machine has already gotten plenty of use. As seen in the photo to the left, the new vending machine is covered in Prep orange and white from top to bottom with the Prep crest visible at the bottom of the machine.
Unlike old vending machines, this vending machine has healthier and more nutritious options for snacks during the school day. The new vending machine, along with the older vending machines, are now being turned on during the school day. The students now have something accessible to them to go get a snack or something to drink. I find this decision to be beneficial to both the buyers and those who own the machines.
Before, all the vending machines were turned off during the day. This costed those who owned the machines money because students would have used the machines during the day, and now they can do so again.
One downfall though is the placement of the new vending machine. It is placed in the northern part of the hallway that runs along the gym. That hallway is a main hallway for the students that are going to lunch, and the new vending machine somewhat sticks out from the doorway. With the students rushing to lunch everyday that vending machine’s placement could be an issue.
That said, everyone is happy about this new vending machine and will get a lot of use out of it for years to come.