Students weigh in on their favorite Thanksgiving foods


Ellen Dieteman, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving break (albeit shorter than usual) fast approaching, Prep students are looking forward to their holiday traditions. In particular, the meal they share with loved ones consisting of their favorite seasonal foods.

Students shared their opinions on the matter through a survey.

Carbs were a common theme, as the majority of those surveyed voted a type of bread or potato product as their favorite.

Out of 15 students surveyed, the most commonly voted favorite food was stuffing, with one-third of the students choosing it as their favorite Thanksgiving food.

Among this group is senior Abby Rush, who is very passionate about the subject.

“My favorite food is stuffing,” Abby said. “It’s amazing.”

Two of the 15 students, junior Ashley Dong and senior Anthony Frisina, voted green beans to be their favorite dish.

“My favorite is seasoned green beans with salt, pepper, garlic cloves, and butter,” Anthony said. “It’s the only vegetable that tastes good.”

Three out of 15 students (one-fifth of the sample) voted rolls or biscuits to be their favorite part of their family’s Thanksgiving meal.

Junior Tina Phan is one such student. Her favorite Thanksgiving food is Hawaiian rolls because they’re sweet.

As for senior Elena Kacprowicz, she is most partial to rolls because she’s a picky eater.

Two of the 15 students, freshman Amanda Dong and senior Emily Morphy, voted mashed potatoes to be their favorite.

“They’re top-notch,” Emily said. “Top tier.”

Also part of the potato category is the sweet potato and marshmallow casserole that two seniors, Taylor Kruszewski and Alyssa Fraser, deemed their favorite.

“It’s just so yummy,” Alyssa said.

Only one student, senior Dominic Gorchinsky, voted the classic Thanksgiving entrée, turkey, to be his favorite dish.“

A perfectly cooked turkey, it’s up there,” Dominic said.