Spreading Christmas cheer at Cathedral Prep


Aiden Gromley, Staff Writer

Cathedral Prep’s Outreach Club is helping to provide a good meal for the community through the spreading of Christmas Spirit in the halls of Cathedral Prep. For only five dollars, students may wear Christmas socks or ties throughout the whole month of December. In addition to the socks and ties, the Outreach Club is also hosting a t$3 dress down day today to help provide a hot meal for the community and to help spread Christmas cheer throughout the halls of Cathedral Prep.

Campus Ministry Advisor Mrs. Grenci tells me about the tradition at Villa where the students would wear Christmas socks and donate to crafting a good meal for the community in spreading Christmas cheer through the halls. But with the merging of both Prep and Villa, it allows for the male students to spread Christmas cheer through wearing Christmas ties throughout the month of December.

“It’s just a small way to bring Christmas cheer into the hallways and to remind ourselves that the holiday is approaching,” Mrs. Grenci said.

When it comes to making this event a success, Mrs. Grenci very heavily relies on the participation of the students. The $8 that a student can provide for the dress down and the ties or socks can provide on meal for someone in the community who needs it most.

Time and effort went into advertisement of the events and the push to get more and more students involved in the holiday festivities and cheer. Getting more people involved in the donations would benefit the community on a larger scale and help to provide for those in need.

“Participation has been low,” Mrs. Grenci said. “It seems like we are still trying to figure out the best way to do collections as a combined school, so learning how to get more involvement will be key.”

The students at Cathedral Prep are called to help in providing a good meal for those who need it most in the community through spreading Christmas cheer in the halls. As we as a school come closer and closer to the holidays, it is important to not only think about those who are in need, but to also think about how our school community can help spread positivity during this year. Students are able to help express their own Christmas cheer through ties and socks that they can wear with the donation of $5.

Junior at Cathedral Prep Avery Joint believes that wearing these Christmas socks and ties is more fun and festive way to spread Christmas cheer without having to where the boring regular uniform regulated ties and or socks.

“ It’s a fun way Prep brings a little cheer to our school community for the holiday that we all love,” Avery said.

This year, become part of the festivities and help spread Christmas Cheer around the school community. In doing so, not only will you be able to cheer up the day of someone of your classmates and friends, but you will be helping out a community that needs a hot meal to share with others during this time of year.