Textile Club Overview


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

Most people think of knitting as a way of the past, a long forgotten method of making crafts, or just something that their grandmother does from time to time. Not too many people want to go out of their way to go and crochet some sort of craft. Even if people did want to explore the world of textile crafts, they might not have had a method to do so. Mrs. Vomero and Mrs. Slaby saw this situation and wanted some way to address this issue in a fun way that would be beneficial for everyone involved. Thus, the Textile Club was created.

“I primarily teach knitting, while Mrs. Slaby teaches cross-stitching”, English teacher and Textile Club Advisor Mrs. Vomero said, “We also would like to get the word out about the club more. Right now, it’s more conceptual because a lot of people need to be taught how to knit different crafts, and just getting the basics down in general.”

Mrs. Vomero also wanted to give the club a goal that was more practical so that its members could see their crafts be put to good use.

“We would like to be able to donate to local charities in the future,” Mrs. Vomero said. “I have multiple charities that I am hoping that at some point we can contribute our crafts to. I feel that it would attract more people to the club who wouldn’t have joined otherwise, and to prove people wrong that it’s just a waste of time.”

Senior Emily Morphy is a member of the Textile Club. She was very excited to learn of the club’s existence.

“I really enjoy that I get to share my love for knitting and crocheting with my friends,” Emily said. “I also enjoy getting the opportunity to relax and still feel like I am working toward something that will be beneficial for the community.”