Mr. Smith formally installed as president


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

The dawn of a new school year at Cathedral Prep has brought about many changes, including a new president for the 2022-23 year. Mr. Kevin Smith, a Cleveland area native is determined to lead a school of college-prepared ladies and gentlemen to a historical year. As many know, the consolidation of Villa and Prep is the biggest news of this year, but it has all been operated under Mr. Smith. His biggest focus is developing kids to become men and women while working together as a school.

On July 1, 2022 Mr. Kevin Smith was officially named as president of Cathedral Prep. It wasn’t until Nov. 23 when he was honored in front of the student body.

“It was not just a moment for me,” Mr. Smith said. “It was a time to honor the school as a whole and this amazing year left ahead.”

Students were attentive while Bishop Persico of the Diocese of Erie blessed the Smith family as President Kevin Smith embarks on a new journey of leadership.

Interviewing many students throughout the school, there has been nothing but praise for the new president.

“Mr. Smith has been nothing short of awesome to the students this year,” one student said. “He takes time to greet us in the hallways and cares about us so much that you can sense his passion.”

Not only does Mr. Smith care for the students, he cares about his staff. He mentioned how he doesn’t want the faculty’s environment to only rely on what his office tells them to do, he wants it to be a team effort so they can achieve so much more as a family.

Through hard work and dedication, President Smith has already achieved so much for Cathedral Prep. Hopefully being the start of a new era, the leadership of Mr. Smith is very present.