Ring Ceremony starts new, combined tradition at Prep


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

The ring ceremony for the class of 2024 took place on Dec. 16 in the H. David Bowes Auditorium at Prep. The main portion of the ceremony was when each member of the class of 2024 walked across the stage to receive their rings, which officially makes them upperclassmen and women.

“Ring Ceremony was definitely a moment in time that will have an impact on all of us,” junior Madison Simmerman said. “It was very memorable and was something I’ll never forget.”

The ceremony started off with the junior class officers making a few brief remarks about the importance of the ceremony and what to expect from it.

“I felt that I was seriously contributing to the ceremony,” junior class officer Sara Chase said. “I enjoyed being able to speak to the combined class at such a crucial and pivotal moment in their high school journey.”

The next major part of the ceremony was the slideshow video of pictures that showcased the combined memories that the Class of 2024 has experienced thus far in their high school career.

“I thought the ring ceremony was a good way to reconnect our junior class,” junior Emma Adams said. “The slideshow was incredibly beneficial and helped us remember our times at different schools and how we are now together this year.”

The final and most important part of the ceremony was when each junior got to walk across the stage, receive their ring, and officially become upperclassmen and women.

“I really enjoyed walking across the stage at ring ceremony,” junior Caitlin Dugan said. “It was a moment that I had long been looking forward to in my high school career, and I enjoyed every single moment of the ceremony.”