What did Prep teachers get for Christmas?


Olivia Buckel, Senior Editor-in-Chief

Just over a week before Christmas, the faculty and staff received a Microsoft Forms in their inbox asking them what they wanted for Christmas. The faculty and staff took part in this form with excitement and vigor, and so on January 2nd, they received a second Microsoft Form. This form asked them “What did you actually get for Christmas this year?” The participants were excited to share everything that they got. Their responses are listed below.

Ms. Kuntz, Honors Chemistry teacher: “Time (a whole week!!) with my niece, fabulous gift cards, and amazing, delicious food.”

Mr. Parsons, Social Studies teacher: “The best thing I could ever ask for, lots of time with my family!”

Mrs. Deau, Biology and Integrated Science teacher: “I received a large quality of mulch. Not all that I want but there is still Groundhog Day. My husband gave me a drawing of our children completed by Jess Alesso. That was an amazing gift.”

Mrs. Sanner, Guidance Counselor: “My kids were actually great and so fun to watch Christmas morning! And I got a pair of diamond earrings, to boot!”

Mr. Bell, Theology teacher: “A bright orange suit.”

Mrs. Drabant, English and Social Studies teacher: “Movie and game time with my family – and books and yarn!

Ms. Tech, Honors Statistics, AP Statistics, and Algebra 2 teacher: “Time with family and a hat and gloves.”

Mrs. Grenci, Campus Minister and Academic Algebra teacher:  “The joy of watching my kids experience Christmas.”

Mr. Ek, teacher in the Social Studies department and Assistant Athletic Director at both Cathedral Prep and Mother Theresa Academy: “I already had what I needed.”

Dr. McLaughlin, Latin teacher: “Socks, a tie, and Hallmark ornaments.”