The Great ‘78

Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Dec. 22 in the Student Life Center, Cathedral Preparatory School’s class of 1978 gathered for a reunion. It was chance for the alumni to reflect on the past and view the new building.

Student volunteers welcomed the alumni, led tours, and gave insight on the newly co-ed Prep experience.

Sophomore volunteer Roman Hamm said, “It was a great experience meeting fellow Cathedral Prep Ramblers and answering questions about the updated building.”

As they toured the building, memories resurfaced of their time as Ramblers. The display case of athletic prowess and gymnasium were two things that remained unchanged.

“Learning how Prep was back in the day was interesting, especially with it being all-boys,” said senior Megan Kelly. “I hope the class of ’23 remains just as close.”

The class of ‘78 is a tight-knit group, remaining close decades after graduation. Alumni Gery Nietupski coordinated and planned the event.

He noted, “Cheering on the sports teams, the classroom discussions, the feeling that we could compete with anyone on any stage in the world because of our Prep education… that’s Prep.”

While touring the building, many were impressed with the technology and opportunities available to current students, noting how far Prep has come.

Nietupski said, “I love the new building. It’s quite amazing with a great blend of the old and the new.”

As Prep enters a new age, it is crucial that its roots and students (past and present) are celebrated. Its legacy is just as important since it set high expectations that drive students now. Prep, striving to meet expectations and beyond, certainly can rely on its vast network of over 100 years of alumni.

“The thing that sets us apart is that we’ve stayed in touch for forty three years, if somebody needs something we’re there, it’s truly amazing but it is very comforting.” Nietupski said. “It is not just a slogan for us, it’s a real thing.”