Ramblers share New Year’s resolutions


Ellen Dieteman, Staff Writer

As 2023 begins, members of the Cathedral Prep community look forward to the upcoming year by creating New Year’s resolutions and goals.

Faculty members shared their resolutions via Microsoft Forms. Their responses below vary from fitness to faith and other personal goals.

Mr. Dougherty, Vice President of Enrollment Management: “Exercising six days a week and limiting unhealthy food and drink options.”

Mr. McAndrew, honors and academic English III teacher:  “I plan to focus on a new mantra: ‘Be like [my dog] Trinity.’ Or, as Thoreau put it, I plan to practice ‘essential living.’”

“My New Year’s resolution is to get back into working out at least four days a week,” said Mrs. Seip, Assistant Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs. “And, to walk my dog even when it is cold out!”

Fr. Jason Feigh, chaplain and honors Theology IV teacher: “Although I am not a fan of ‘resolutions,’ I use the beginning of the year as a re-start to grow in spending time with the Lord. This year, I would like to do an extra 30 minutes of spiritual reading with the saints.”

Prep students also shared their resolutions, using them to make both academic and personal improvements.

“My resolution is to get better grades,” said sophomore Roman Hamm.

“My New Year’s resolution is to put myself first instead of people pleasing, so I can live a happier life,” said senior Emily Morphy.

“My resolutions are to eat healthier as well as some personal ones,” said sophomore Benedict Mizner.

Other students chose not to participate in resolutions, finding them impractical and difficult to maintain.

“I think New Year’s resolutions are stupid because you never do them,” said senior Abby Rush. “It’s hard to make changes in winter when everything is the same. It’s better in the springtime.”

“I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions; I forget it’s 2023,” said freshman Anthony Allegretto. “I still write ‘2021’ on my math homework.”