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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Theories on the missing Malaysian plane


I think we have all been intrigued by the missing Malaysian Plane. As of a few days ago, the Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that the plane had crashed in the Indian Ocean. We still have know idea what happened on board, but there are plenty of theories ranging from basic to crazy to try to explain what happened.
The theory that I think is most likely is the “ghost plane” theory. While it doesn’t involve the supernatural, it does claim that there were either some kind of fumes, or loss of pressurization that caused everybody to lose consciousness, including the pilots. The plane continued to fly on autopilot for a few hours, until it ran out of fuel and dropped into the ocean. This theory explains the loss of communication, the change in direction, and the crash, but it does not explain why the black box is missing.
Some experts are still claiming terrorism to be the cause. Others are saying it was the pilot’s suicide. A theory that I have come up with involves a complicated hijacking. I think that there may have been some valuable cargo, and some kind of genius thief devised a plan to rob the plane. After he got control of the plane, he had his thief buddies get the object of desire. He then piloted the plane over the Indian Ocean at a lower altitude, and then parachuted out, leaving the plane to crash, while he boated away with his crew.
As far-fetched as my theory may sound, it’s less absurd than some that others have come up with. For the final theory, I will talk about the bizarre. One theory says the plane was struck by a meteor in mid flight. A statistic impossibility, but crazier things have happened. A psychic in California, Lisa Williams claims the plane has crashed but with survivors. I’ve heard things like aliens, tornados, and anything else. It’s really anyone’s guess. And the world my never know.

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