Game Review: Gotham Knights


John Santone, Junior Editor

Gotham Knights is the newest game based around DC Comics and the world of Batman.

Developed by Warner Brothers Games Montréal and QLOC, it was released in October 2022. The game is available for purchase on new-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, as well as on PC.  The retail price is $70.

Gotham Knights is unique in its style of play. For one, it is based around the Bat-Family, particularly how each member deals with the death of Batman, which occurs in the opening scene of the game. It is an open-world RPG, letting you explore Gotham City and stop crime as one of four characters.

Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin all have unique play styles that are suited for different aspects of game, while all being fun to use. The game is just as much about diving deep into each character, their differences, and how they become a family as it is about stopping the bad guys. It’s a story about the four protagonists living without their mentor and becoming their own kinds of heroes. This gives the game a deep connection to fans who have grown attached to the characters.

One of the main selling points of Gotham Knights is that it is co-op. The game provides a smooth transition between solo play-throughs and multiplayer. You can complete missions together and don’t have to repeat them in your own solo game if you beat it with a friend earlier. It’s a unique and fun way to play a story-driven game.

The combat is fun both in single player and multiplayer. There are plenty of special abilities unique to each protagonist to make it interesting and satisfying. It isn’t too difficult, but it certainly isn’t a breeze trying to complete the game.

The storyline is riveting and will definitely make fans of the Batman universe happy. You can explore the characters emotionally and put yourself into Gotham and explore it literally. There are quite a few side stories to keep anyone entertained, but aren’t necessary if you just want to speed run the story.

If you are coming into Gotham Knights expecting something exactly like the Batman Arkham games, you may be disappointed, because they are totally different. But for fans of DC, someone who can appreciate the characters and their struggles, the game is very fun. Even just someone who can go into the game without trying to compare it to something else, or without having some grandiose expectations, I wholeheartedly believe you will have a good time. I enjoyed my entire play-through, even the parts that seemed somewhat tedious. Obviously it has its issues, but overall I’d say it is one of the better games released in 2022.