Faculty Profile: Jimmy Smith (‘11)


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Among Cathedral Prep’s notable alumni is Mr. Jimmy Smith. He is married to his wife of six years, Amber. Together they have four children: Brayden, Carter, Aubree, and Olivia.

A graduate of the class of 2011, Mr. Smith was first exposed to the school through his father, a baseball coach for Prep.

“I grew up wearing Prep gear from him, and to me there was no other decision other than going to Prep,” Mr. Smith said. “I just loved the idea of Prep, the culture, the academic excellence, and the athletic influence as well.”

As a student he played baseball during his time at Prep and enjoyed many Prep traditions.

“My favorite thing were the pep rallies and also the student sections,” he said. “We would get all decked out in orange and black, and they were some of the most fun times I have had.”

He would go on to attend Slippery Rock University, studying business.

“Prep created a standard of excellence in my life, that I started to learn and apply beyond my time at Prep which helped my college and professional career.” Mr. Smith said. “When I went into college I was undeclared. What I figured out was that experience and exposure helps you hone in. It helped me realize one day I want to own my own business.”

His current role at Cathedral Prep is as the Assistant Vice President of Development and Strategic Initiatives. When describing his role he said, “I lead a lot of the fundraising initiatives for the school. I oversee strategic efforts with the events center, and now I have a little bit of a say of how we can create revenue streams.”

Having worked at Prep since July 2017, originally in advertising, he has contributed to the success of the tax credit program which raises over $500,000 annually. Mr. Smith also helped out with Prep’s business alliance program which allows for external advertising at Hagerty Family Events Center as its manager.

“One of the initiatives I am excited about is with the academic pathway programs, working on gathering community partners so that way local businesses can come in as guest speakers and offer job shadowing and field trips,” he said.

One of his newest projects is The Rambler Podcast.

“I started the podcast in July 2022 with two episodes a month.” said Mr. Smith. “I try to highlight to the community the great people who develop the mission of the school and the success of their unique career both for alumni and staff.”

His latest episode went live today, March 6, and features Debbie Uht (Villa Maria Academy class of 1982), who is the president of Professional Communication Messaging Services Inc.