Weekly Bible study held in Campus Ministry on Wednesdays


Ellen Dieteman, Staff Writer

Weekly Bible study meetings have begun during all three lunches in the Campus Ministry office, led by senior Emily Consiglio.

She decided to start the group to share her faith with the school community, in particular during the season of Lent.

“I have developed a deeper relationship with God and wanted to share what I have learned with others,” said Emily. “This was the perfect time to start it. It is a great way for my peers to deepen their faith during Lent and build an amazing Jesus-loving community.”

Emily is responsible for guiding the members through understanding the Word of God. Each meeting begins and ends in prayer. The group reads a passage from the Bible aloud together and then reflects on what they read.

So far, the turnout has been sizable, which is a pleasant shock for Emily.

“The participation, to my surprise, is high,” Emily said. “I get around 10 to 15 people at each lunch.”

Senior Anthony Frisina, a regular participant, has been impacted by his experience.

“It reveals what God is saying to us,” said Anthony.

Currently, the group is studying the Gospel of John. Emily chose this book, in particular, because John provides a firsthand account of Jesus’ life in a way the other Gospels do not.

The group plans to continue meetings for the remainder of the school year. After Emily graduates, she hopes to pass her role on to some underclassmen, so they can “carry the study and build a larger community.”

Students in all phases of their faith life are encouraged to attend, even to simply try it out.

“This is not a club that you have to come to every week,” Emily said. “We have a laid-back environment, and it’s okay if you don’t want to participate. If you are looking to find God or to deepen your faith, all are welcome!”