Parsons brothers help Prep achieve success


John Santone, Junior Editor

Junior Achievement, an after-school class for business and life skills, began this year on February 23.

The focus this year was on career success. The program was an hour-long class that took place on four Thursdays. It began on the 23 and concluded with the final class March 16. The course is prominent in giving college scholarships. This year it was organized by Mr. Tony Parsons and taught by his brother Mr. Michael Parsons, Prep graduating class of 2008.

Mr. Michael Parsons went over multiple skills helpful to progressing students in a future career of their choice. These skills, such as cooperation with coworkers and brainstorming techniques, fit into a variety of fields with few limits to their applications.

Mr. Tony Parsons promotes the course because of its strong scholarship possibilities. He explained that there are dozens of scholarships that students who have taken the course can apply for. And they are not just limited to one application; students can apply to any available to them. Tony Parsons also explained the ease of apply for them. Students simply have to click a link and spend a few minutes online.

This opportunity was available to all grade levels as well. Many freshmen and sophomores participated this year, showing you do not have to wait for senior year to take the course.

Because it is an annual course, if you missed it this year and want a free scholarship opportunity as well as some life skills, be sure to sign up next year.