Shark Tank Recap


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

On March 30, 2023, Cathedral Prep students involved in Mr. Bhatti classes took part in a Shark Tank event to show entrepreneurs around the city a product they had to offer. This highly anticipated event for students has brought a lot of attention amongst the scholars attending Prep. Many students who have free periods go to the auditorium to see friends, and classmates pitch their clever ideas to the judges.

One of the aspects that most students love participating in is showing up to their presentation in fancy suits, ties, and dresses trying to look the part of a true entrepreneur. When talking to students asking why they think this benefits them, the most common answer was how it gives you the confidence to perform well.

“The energy it gives you once you’re on stage is unlike any other thing,” senior Ryan Hudson said. “If you can put yourself in the shoes of greats, and feel for even a day what they feel all the time, it makes you want to perform at the highest possible level.”

Not only is this event made for students to pitch different ideas, but it is a fun time for everyone.

“The time spent with some of my best friends working on an idea that could one day have a chance to blow up through connections and conversation through this event alone is unlike any opportunity most kids have ever had,” sophomore Ava Lucarotti said. “Although the process was tedious, and so many ideas we had went down the drain, we were very proud with the product we put out there to show the judges.”

Yet another aspect to this event, and a lesson many participants talked about is trial and error.

“It took my group about 2-3 tries to think of something we thought was actually worthy to show big name entrepreneurs,” Ryan said. “This goes to show how in life, most things don’t come easy, but when putting in the time and effort to become great at what you do, you may easily become rewarded.

As yet another successful week of Shark Tank has passed, not only one team was the winner. All students have won in the way of preaching their ideas to big name entrepreneurs, and getting their name out in the world, to maybe one day, become successful in the business industry.