Student council hosts Bunny Bash at MTA


Ellen Dieteman, Staff Writer

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 6, members of Cathedral Prep’s student council traveled to Mother Theresa Academy for the Bunny Bash celebrations before Easter Break.

Nine student volunteers helped entertain the kindergarten, first, and third-grade students with Easter activities, such as coloring, an Easter egg hunt, and story time with an appearance from the Easter Bunny played by senior Henry Abercrombie.

During story time, volunteers read stories to the kids while Henry, dressed in his bunny suit, acted out the stories and hopped along. (This was not his first time as the Easter Bunny, having previously worn the bunny suit at his middle school, St. Gregory’s).

The Easter Bunny was a fan favorite, bringing a lot of excitement to the kids.

The festivities were planned primarily by sophomores Emilee Vereb and Katherine McCormick, who recruited student volunteers and were overseen by English teacher and Student Council advisor Ms. Mackensen.

“I made suggestions based on the fact that I have two elementary students at home, so I made inferences at what would hold their attention,” Ms. Mackensen said. “I also really appreciate Emilee and Katherine stepping up to plan the event. They did a fantastic job, and I’m excited or what they come up with in the future.”

The MTA students thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment, which was very rewarding to the volunteers.

“It was nice seeing the smiles of all the children that got to see the Easter Bunny,” said Henry Abercrombie. “They were very enthused about it. I was pretty happy that I was able to bring some joy into their lives.”