Prep boys cut ties with dress shirts


John Santone, Junior Editor

Summer uniforms are back at Cathedral Prep.

With the beginning of the fourth quarter at Prep, the alternate uniforms used during the warmer months are back. Signs of summer are all around now, with short sleeves and unbuttoned collars. With the exception of dress uniform days, the boys are now free to wear polo shirts instead of the standard blue Oxford shirts.

The boys at Prep are ready for the heat, and getting out of the stuffy collars they are accustomed to. They are enjoying the returning privilege of relaxing in slightly more casual clothing.

“Personally, I really enjoy wearing the polos compared to the Oxford shirt and tie,” senior AJ O’Neil said. “I feel like the polos give me more comfort, which enables me to focus more on my schoolwork.”

Prep is known for following tradition, but many of the students are perfectly happy to take a break from their infamous private school uniforms. The polos provide relief from the unpleasant crampedness that is a dress shirt in the heat of summer.

“I strongly prefer the polos over the Oxford shirts,” junior Raul Rodriguez said, “because there isn’t a tie choking you, and they aren’t as hot in the summer.”

A buttoned up Oxford certainly can be stifling when you are stuck in a hot building, but the polos do help for the guys to cool off.

“I feel more comfortable,” senior Jamarja Hines-Tate said. “The shirt and tie make me feel like I am going to pass out sometimes.”

Even most teachers seem to be accepting the change. The world has started to accept a more casual side to professionalism, and Prep is right on board.

“I think,” says Mr. Baltzer, “the polos have evolved the entirety of Prep to the 21st century.”