Prep juniors trade up for new iPads


John Santone, Junior Editor

New iPads have been given to the junior class at Prep.

The new iPads are finally starting to circulate around Prep. The juniors got the first wave of iPads given to Cathedral Prep students. The seniors only have a month left, so it is clear that the do not really need new iPads to use for such a short period of time. The sophomores and freshmen will likely get them at some point next school year.

While there are plenty of students who like the previous ones better, the overwhelming response to the new technology has been positive. There are new accessories, and the simple fact they are newer models means they have improved software and hardware.

“The new iPads are really nice,” junior Daniel Oblich said. “I specifically like how they now have a built-in keyboard which is something that I have been wanting for a while. I also like how they are actually quick and they aren’t as slow as the old ones.”

The new iPads have seemed to make the school lives of most students better. In addition to a sleeker profile, the new iPads sport a connected keyboard and upgraded processing speed, as well as increased battery life. The new and improved tools for schoolwork have helped to make the end of the year a little bit easier.

“I like how the new iPads have more storage than they did before,” junior Josie Dufala said. “I also really like having a keyboard attached because it is similar to typing with a laptop.”

It may be seen as an interesting decision to give out iPads about two months before school ends, but it does give the juniors time to get used to them before using them next year. There aren’t lots of differences, but the ones there are can be considered major.

Overall the response from the juniors is relatively similar. The new iPads are a success.

“The keyboard is nice,” junior Tanner Ball said, “and the battery life is better than the old iPads.”