What is the best and worst month of the year and why?


The Rambler

This week the staff of The Rambler wrote about their opinion on the best and worst months of the year. Read their selections and explanations below.

Henry Abercrombie

The best month of all? June, by far. Firstly and foremostly, school lets out. (Except for our seniors this year, who are loosed upon the world in May. Even better!) June heralds in three months of carnage, where children and adolescents alike are enabled to wreak havoc upon the world, a world which they must surely foster some resentment towards after enduring the tyranny that is nine or so months of school. The weather also becomes very pleasant during June. It becomes a perfect temperature outside, neither too hot nor too cold. There tends to be a perfect blend of rain and sunshine, which makes it the perfect time to start a garden. Simply put, June is peak. On the other hand, November is often gray and dull. By this time, autumn is just about done, while winter itself has not quite started yet. It becomes a period of limbo, when we are denied access to the crisp leaves of fall, but the light and fluffy snows have not yet arrived either. November does have the one redeeming quality of Thanksgiving, but there is not much else to look forward to. It is quite a sad month—and it really drags on as well. 

Gabe Allegretto

The best month of the year, in my opinion, is July. July is always a happy time of the year for me. It’s usually the peak of summer, my friends are all throwing parties, and it’s prime beach season. A close second for me is April. I generally enjoy the rain that comes with April and it’s my birthday month. The worst month of the year is February. It’s the shortest but is somehow the most dragged out. It’s also extremely cold, which makes it miserable when I have to walk to Gannon. 

Olivia Buckel

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

The best month in my opinion would have to be October. Although I am not a fan of the cold, I love the season of fall and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. July would definitely come in as a close second, due to warm weather and the season of summer. The worst month overall would have to be may for me. I don’t like may because the spring season brings out the worst for allergies in people who have them, and it’s almost like a tease to summer weather and then goes back to cold. 

Hayden Hutchinson
The best month of the year is May, and the worst is February. May is the best month because the weather is just getting nice, school is winding down, and it is not too hot yet. May has very good and mild weather compared to most of the other months, and school is also winding down. February is the worst month because the days are still short, the weather is bad, and there is a lot of time before anything exciting such as summer or spring break is going to happen. Overall, most of the months of the year are great, but May is the best and February is very sad and hopeless 
Matt Kalie
Kendra Piotrowski
The best month of the year would have to be July because of the 4th. July has the best weather, and there is still have plenty of time before going back to school. I feel like there is always so much going on in July keeping me busy. The worst month is February because it’s not really snowing, but it’s more just cold, and there is a lot of slush on the ground. And it makes me not want to go outside ever because it is just gross out. 
John Santone
The best month is probably July. The worst is debatable. July is subjectively the best month. I wouldn’t really say it is my favorite, but it is all around the most enjoyable. There is fun stuff to do all the time, and school is out. The sun’s out, its warm, and there is a beach not far from my house. It’s pretty great. The worst month, for me, is a toss up between August and January. August brings an end to summer and drags us back to school. The only thing that can make it ok is if fall starts late and it is still warm. January has a similar problem. Christmas is over, its cold, and nothing very interesting is happening. 
Dominick Scarpino
The best month in my opinion is June. June means the end of school, the beginning of nice weather for a long time. I can have my windows open and watch baseball. That is heaven for me. My least favorite month is January. I have never liked January. It’s right after all the holidays, so nothing fun is going on. The weather is cold and miserable. Also, I don’t like January because I normally forget that they year changed when I write the date, so that makes me angry.