National Honor Society hosts induction ceremony

National Honor Society hosts induction ceremony

Gabe Allegretto, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 20, members of the sophomore and junior class were welcomed into the National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society was established in 1921 as a means of supporting students in their academic affairs. The foundational pillars upon which National Honor Society stands are service, character, scholarship, and citizenship.

At the induction ceremony, head of the NHS cabinet, Will McBrier, led a welcoming speech for all of the new inductees, followed by four other cabinet members who all spoke about the four foundational pillars.

Despite common belief, the National Honor Society requires much more than just exceptional grades to fully become a member. According to Will McBrier, Master of Ceremonies at the induction, NHS members must also be willing to sacrifice their free time to participate in various acts of community service. In his own words, NHS “isn’t just a smart kids club. We look for individuals who are going to uphold their academics while also being well-rounded,” Will said. To expand upon that, an individual’s character is extremely important, and it is pertinent that they exemplify the moral standards that Prep seeks to instill in their students.

A well-known National Honor Society initiative at Prep is the blood drive. At the event, both students and faculty members donate blood within the gymnasium. Other events held by the National Honor Society include dress down days which use the proceeds to donate to various non-profit organizations, and even tutoring sessions held by the members of NHS themselves. This could include sessions in math, language studies, or just about any other class that someone could need help in. New to this school year is a program called Freshman Mentoring, in which NHS members take a few freshman under their wing and try to help them navigate through their first year.

In short, the National Honor society is an extremely prestigious organization which students should strive to be a part of. Aside from looking great on a college resume, the NHS offers people a means to give back to their schools. In regards to Prep, each student has been given an invaluable opportunity for success; so, regardless of whether or not you are fortunate enough to be a part of NHS, ask yourself how you can give back this year.