Morning Mass at Cathedral Prep


Alicia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

A long-standing tradition in Cathedral Prep’s history is the offering of a daily morning Mass. Beginning at 7:45 a.m. in the chapel, Mass is celebrated before the school day begins.

With the exceptions of Thursdays when Mass is offered for the entire school and Tuesdays when mass is offered during all three lunch periods, it is otherwise held in the mornings. Masses are offered by school chaplain Father Jason Feigh every other Friday and by teacher Father James McCormick on Wednesdays.

While Mass does run close to the start of first period, rarely are people late for their first period class. This is attributed to only reading being read, a short homily, and no music. Mass altogether normally lasts around 10 minutes.

Teacher and Director of Theatre Arts Father Mike DeMartinis most often performs mass on Mondays and Fridays. He said, “It’s a really great way to get centered in the morning, you hear a little bit of God’s word and receive the sacrament, while being in or out in 10 or 11 minutes.”

The end of the year is a great time to pick up a new habit and a way to connect with the school community. Campus Minister and teacher Mrs. Emily Grenci also helps coordinate morning Mass.

“It sets the tone for the day and acknowledging that God should be the ultimate focus of my day,” Mrs. Grenci said. “I would tell someone to just go! It’s a nice way to start the morning and gives that extra bit of time during the day to just be quiet and reflect.”