Mrs. Tech’s stats project gives students real-world application of course content


Matt Kalie, Staff Writer

Mrs. Tech has implemented a new way to do a final for her honors and AP students. Instead of doing what almost every other teacher does by giving a test for the final, Mrs. Tech decided to give her students a final project as a replacement for the final test.

Mrs. Tech thought of a way to make the final a little bit more worthwhile and have the students be able to use it when they graduate and possibly at their future job. Each of her students got to pick their own questions that they would like to have answered. Her students then have to either prove or disprove their own hypothesis.

For the past two to three weeks, students from her class have been making their own questions and taking those questions and sending them out as surveys to either the entire student body or to just the senior class to vote. Her students than took that data from the surveys and have to did probabilities of different types of subject questions. A few of her students took their process a step further, and they used “p-values” and other formulas that she taught them throughout the year to find a more accurate answer. The students from her honors and AP classes have been presenting their data that they found through this week and presentations will finish up on Thursday.

Senior Sophia Cuzzola is in Mrs. Tech’s stats class. She did her project on seniors’ grades and how they are affected depending on how much they work at their part-time job after school.

“I liked doing our stats project,” she said. It was useful and easy, [and] it’s also so much better than having a test.”