Students give back on Outreach Day


Henry Abercrombie, Staff Writer

Outreach Day is a long-standing Prep tradition where students put a day aside in order to give back to their community. Students sign up to go to several different locations to do a bit of spring cleaning at each place, whether that be a local church, a park, or even a beach. With the collective efforts of the Prep students, locations all over Erie County were transformed, from Presque Isle and Camp Notre Dame, to Asbury Woods and Frontier Park. This year, I was assigned to McKean Community Park and Saint Francis Xavier Church. We worked to trim plants, dust and clean the pews, and transport flowers. It was a productive day—work tends to go fast when you do it with the rest of your Prep fellows.

Outreach Day means a lot to the students and faculty of Prep. Service to others has always been an integral part of the Prep family, and many jump at the opportunity to give back to the people and places that they have come to love.

“It is really just a lot of fun to come together with all of your friends and work on a service project together,” said senior Isaiah Harrick. “The teachers and students join to become a really organized and effective group.”

Personally, I have spent a lot of time at Presque Isle, so being able to clean it up as a school community is very heartening. I like to think that our work will allow other children to grow up with such a wonderful place, just as I have.