Spanish Club Overview


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

Most people view learning a language as an annoying task that they have to do in order to graduate high school or college. They do not care about the rich and in-depth history and culture that surrounds that language. The Cathedral Prep Spanish Club wants to change that sentiment. This is a group of individuals that want to learn more about what Spanish culture has to offer, learn about the great history behind the culture, and eat some delicious food.

“I enjoy working with the students who are interested with Spanish culture,” Spanish Club advisor Mrs. Miller said, “I enjoy teaching them more about the Spanish culture and food. It is fun to be able to do some extra things that we don’t have the opportunity to do in class.”

Clubs like these can draw a wide variety of individuals. Some people join because they want to eat some delicious food. Others join in order to appreciate the history of Spanish speaking countries more. Whatever reason a person may have to join, it will be unique to that person.

“Hispanic culture has always been a part of my life,” Spanish Club officer Madison Bass said. “I have a few Hispanic family members and a lot of friends who are Hispanic as well. I just felt as if it was a great place for me to explore the culture more on my own.”

The Spanish Club doesn’t just eat food and sit around learning about Hispanic culture. They also have the opportunity to go on a variety of field trips. These trips require a great deal of coordination to run successfully.

“When it comes to planning an event,” Madison Bass said, “a lot of preparation work has to go into it. The easiest to plan are food days. Just schedule who is bringing the food and reach it a couple of days before to make sure that they remember. Field trips are obviously a lot more complicated than that. We need to spend a good couple of weeks planning transportation, any fees, food, and other stuff like that.”