Campus ministry retreat a success


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

Campus ministry is an under-the-radar team that sets up events and plans many activities around Cathedral Preparatory School’s campus. On Tuesday, May 30, the campus ministry team set out to St. Francis Xavier Church to plan for the upcoming year for a retreat day led by Ms. Patrice Swick, director of the Social Justice and Life Office for the Diocese of Erie. Around 20 members of the group participated in religious unison while giving their ideas on the upcoming year.

Led by Emily Grenci, Father Jason Feigh, and Father Mike DeMartinis, campus ministry is the workhorse of big events, such as Box Village, Catholic Schools Week, and Mary’s Day.

During the retreat, Ms. Grenci’s goal was to ask the club members to speak to God about life and have Him respond to us on what could be best for each event coming up next year. As a team, the members all agreed that this year was very hard to predict. It was a year of change. Now that the team has been through it one time, they are more than confident on the ideas they came up with to satisfy the student body for next year’s occasions.

This day seemed more like a bonding experience to some as well.

Freshman Andrew Costello said, “Being in this atmosphere with these people, surrounded by the Lord is hard to beat,” he said. “I haven’t felt close to the Lord in this way for a while. It is amazing to have people push you to become a better person while working as a team.”

Being a more than successful day, campus ministry holds high expectations for the 2023-2024 school year. It is predicted to be a year of fun, while relying on God. Faith is the core of our beings, and campus ministry acts as the core of our school and gravitates people towards good.