What’s the best Vitamin Water?


The Rambler

Ever since the cafeteria raised the price of a bottle of Vitamin Water to $1.75, the decision of which of those waters to purchase has become the great existential crisis of my days. Do I go XXX with its sanguine color? Do I go with the traditional and safely colored Lemonade, with all the summer time comfort it implies, or do I go straight Mystical, with the mighty Dragon-fruit, a bright pink concoction that both solidifies and challenges all notions of masculinity.
Vitamin water is an interesting beast. Definitely not a soda,but with a distinctly  different aquatic texture than Gatorade. One tends to find himself a servant to many different flavor masters when consuming a Vitamin Water, servant to a one of kind experience that only those blessed saints at the Coca Cola company can provide to our previously malnourished and undervalued taste buds.
No flavor of Vitamin Water could be described outright as “sweet.” I believe in an effort to fool their consumer base into the belief that Vitamin Water is actually healthy, they have eliminated the sweetness, for that correlates in the mind of many with diet-busting sugar. It my sound both obvious and absurd, but the most prevalent taste in Vitamin Water, is water. The refreshing, not quite sweet taste of water forms the base for which a squadron of chemically intimidating flavorings reek havoc.
In conclusion,my favorite flavor is Lemonade. Tell us your favorite flavor in the comments section below.