Meet Mr. Baltzer, the new social studies teacher


The Rambler

MrBaltzerAt the end of last year, Cathedral Prep found out it was losing one of its great teachers in Frank Mezler. Mr. Mezler had been teaching at Prep for 22 years. He was dedicated to bettering his students and preparing them for college. He was also heavily involved in extra curricular activities, whether it be attending sports or helping with intramurals.
With the exit of one great teacher opens the door for another, this one being Paul Baltzer. Mr. Baltzer is originally from the Erie area and attended Northeastern High School. He taught at Camden High in North Carolina for the past two years before deciding to come back to Erie. His favorite subject to teach is history, especially American history.
Mr. Baltzer continues to study and learn about American history to this day. He visits many historical sites of American history. One of his favorite things to do is participate in Civil War reenactments, particularly Gettysburg. He enjoys the atmosphere of the city and paying tribute to the great battle that took place there. He has even made appearances on the History Channel for his participation in the Gettysburg reenactment. His other hobbies include long distance running and dog agility.
Mr. Baltzer is always trying to push his students toward success, especially on the AP exams. When asked what he was most excited about this year he said, ” Teaching AP students and preparing everyone to get a 5 on the test, as well as the football games.” He knows he has big shoes to fill and is definitely up to the challenge.