The stage crew plays vital role behind the scenes


The Rambler

Plenty of people go to musicals and other performances put on by people for the purpose of entertainment. Theatre has always found itself to be one of the largest arts in the world in the hearts of many people. There are actors and directors and, if you’re talking about a musical, there are also composers and musicians. Many people are involved in bringing together the singular story which you can see on stage during the performances that the group puts on. There is one group, however, which never seems to get any credit, mainly due to being unseen throughout the entire show: the technical crew.
Some people have a passion to work behind the scenes to make a show work for the actors who are going through the movements. Acts such as making sure that their microphones are in working order so that the audience can hear the main characters is something which many people take for granted. But behind the scenes, there is always someone working very hard to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the process. The lights that set the scene and illuminate the show, yet again, are something that people expect to be there. However, it takes a lot of work to make things how they are. There are countless hours of setup work. A lot of work goes into giving the audience an image through blending colors and managing shadows beyond merely turning a light on and off.
Backstage hands are rushing throughout every scene change to make sure that the props are rushed off in good speed, and the ones required for the next are set in place. With the help of these people, as well as the dedication put on by the actors themselves, there have been countless successes of performances both at Cathedral Prep, as well as the world at large. Dramas and comedies are elaborated through actions and words, striking feelings into the hearts of the audience.
As a final phrase which a member of the Stage Crew at Cathedral Prep said, “It’s not about getting the recognition, but about the feeling you get for making something work.” While it’s indeed true that the only recognition many of these silent workers get is in a little booklet, it still is rather interesting to know precisely how much happens behind the scenes. To many, this hidden aspect of things is a major contributor on how much the world of theater is an art.