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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Mid-season NFL report: several teams fighting for playoff spots


As all football fans know, the NFL regular season is halfway over and heading toward the playoffs. There are a bunch of teams that are doing not so well and a couple of others that are looking decent right now. There isn’t any one team that right now looking like they can be the Super Bowl champions, but a few have looked better than others.
The students of Cathedral Prep were asked about who they felt were playing well, who they think might make it to the playoffs, and who will be the Super Bowl champions. The responses varied from student to student, but the names of the teams students gave included the Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Cowboys, Cardinals and the Lions.
The Broncos and Cardinals both only have one loss and the Cowboys, Eagles, Patriots and Lions have two losses. The Broncos been having good seasons ever since they got soon-to-be Hall Of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, and so have the Patriots. But the other teams that are doing good right now usually doesn’t start off good, so therefore this season might see two odd, unusual teams in the Super Bowl.
That would be nice seeing some teams who nobody thought would make it to the playoffs make it to the Super Bowl. Football experts think that the Broncos are going to take it this year. Some students at Cathedral Prep also agree with that because of how they went to the Super Bowl last year, only to get blown out the water against Seattle. They think they are going to redeem themselves and not come out flat-footed like last year.
The Cowboys are a team who had 8 wins and 8 losses for like three or four seasons in a row, and this season they started off with 6 wins and 2 losses, better then they ever did in along time. The Eagles always have an OK season but never finish strong, and that’s how the media is predicting this season to be for them.
The Patriots always seem to have great seasons; things just seems to never go their way in the playoffs lately. Other football experts are saying they might go to the Super Bowl. They have the potential. They just need things to go their way. Also, the Cardinals went to Super Bowl XLIII and lost to the Steelers, haven’t had a good season since, but this has been a good season in Arizona so far. They might have a chance to make it. Last but not least are the Lions. They have been having decent seasons but never make it out the playoffs, and the media said they aren’t going to get far with out Clavin Johnson and Reggie Bush.

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