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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

To lock or not to lock? (That is the question)


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Johnny Prichard (left) comforts a saddened Michael Spizarny (right) after he finds out the Audi doors are locked.

I appreciate the little things. As do most people. So this past Monday, as I walked down Prep’s western staircase after theology on my way to physics and found the H. David Bowes Auditorium doors locked, I was all but ecstatic. I’d say irate would be the more appropriate term. But the following day as I made the same trip from the third floor to the second floor of the science wing, one thing was different: the auditorium doors were UN-locked. Feelings of immense relief ran through my body. Joy was spread and the students around me rejoiced in unison! This occurrence more than made up for the agony caused by the locking of the doors the previous day. (
Now don’t get me wrong. This is in no way, shape, or form a new occurrence. Unfortunately, or fortunately if the doors are opened, this has happened all too often this school year. An inconsistency exists in the state of the Audi doors. Students never know whether or not luck will be in their favor this day, or if they’ll be forced to take the depressing walk down through the basement. All we can do is hope.
With every student having at least one class, if not two, located in the Science Wing and with some students working as hall monitors constantly delivering passes to the science department, one would wonder why school officials don’t permanently unlock the auditorium doors. It saves our time when it is of the essence. It saves our energy when we need it most.
As many students may know, when the Audi doors are locked, we must go down another set of stairs to a hallway that runs underneath the stage and then back up more steps only to make it back to your intended destination, the Science Wing. When the doors aren’t locked, students must only walk through the Audi to make it to this part of the building. The difference between the two pathways may seem minuscule to outsiders, but it truly feels astronomical. According to Cathedral Prep senior Sean Harris, “It’s terrible! That fact that they close the doors ruins my day. We need to leave them open!” Well put, Mr. Harris, well put.
One might argue that since the theatrical props and equipment are stored in the Audi when a show is being worked on, students shouldn’t be able to travel through the area because they may damage said equipment. And I agree. During times when a musical or play is being practiced, the Audi should be locked, but when there are no upcoming theater productions, it seems nonsensical to lock the doors.
So let’s unlock the Audi doors. It makes the daily lives of the students easier and let’s be honest, we need every break we can get. Locking the doors only causes problems for the students. A safety measure at it’s best; an inconvenience at it’s worst. The H. David Bowes should leave its doors open. Because it’s fact; we appreciate the little things.

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