Top Ten Cedar Point Rides

September 18, 2014

Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the world. It has over 70 rides, including 16 roller coasters. For anyone who has never been to Cedar Point, read on to learn about the top ten rides to ride first and experience the excitement.

10. Sling Shot

Sling Shot

This ride is a thrilling one. Not for people who fear heights. It will literally sling you up 360 in the air. If you are a daredevil, this is the ride for you.

9. Corkscrew


This is a very simple, and dizzy ride. One of the best things about it is that it goes through out the park. The twists and swirls will take you through a large scale of the park. But you might not get to see it as you will be in endless loops and turns.

8. Blue Streak

Blue Streak

This is another simple, but fun ride. Not too scary, but it is quite fun to ride. Many hills and speed  bumps for people to enjoy.

7. Mean Streak


This ride is an upgraded version of the Blue Streak. Which is more fun. It’s has a bit more hills and turns that make you think you will slip right through the cart, but it makes it just that worthy of riding.

6. Mantis

image (2)

The Mantis is a great, yet different, ride. Instead of comfortably sitting, you will be standing up clinging to your life as you go around on loops and twists. It costs $12 million to make, and no doubt about it that it was worth it.

5. Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon

This ride earned it’s right in top five. It will take you up to 40mph as it turns you in all directions. It is 76 feet long and cost $4 million dollars to build. Worth it.

4. Wicked Twister


This is probably one of the best rides you will ever ride in your life. It goes up to 75mph. It takes you in that speed backwards as well, leaving you not knowing of when you will turn. Making it scarier. It is 215 feet high and it cost $9 million to build.

3. Magnum XL-200


Another amazing ride at Cedar Point. This an altar fast ride that goes 72mph. The first hill will definitely make you regret riding it, but at the end you will want to ride it over and over again. It is 205 feet high and cost around $8 million to build.

2. Millennium Force

Millennium Force

If there is one thing you should do at Cedar Point it is to ride the Millennium. This is a blue beast that will take you as fast as 93mph. Not to mention the 4.5 G-force. It is 308 feet high and cost around $25 million to build

1. Dragster


No words can describe how thrilling this ride is. It will take you from 0mph-64mph in less than 4 seconds, literally. This will take you all way up to 427 feet and drop you at a speed of 120mph. If you have the guts to ride it, you will be able to do anything in life afterwards.

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