A Review of ThatGuyWiththeGlasses.com

September 21, 2015

TGWTGThat Guy With the Glasses is a blip based website dedicated to the videos of many internet reviewers, including but not limited to Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Cinema Snob, Jesuotaku, Linkara, and multiple other reviewers.

The site was originally created by Doug Walker (also known as the Nostalgia Critic) in collaboration with Channel Awesome and many of the aforementioned reviewers as a way to post content and reviews so that they would not have to conform to the YouTube copyright standards after alleged copyright infringements. The site now hosts an impressive amount of reviewers covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from comic books and video games to major motion pictures and pop songs.

Each reviewer has their own unique style and personality as well as a general style of comedy. Whether it is blatant satire or rampant sarcasm and cussing, each reviewer is unique in and of themselves.

As a recommendation, I suggest watching the Nostalgia Critic. Not only does the critic have a funny personality, but he has developed throughout his series of reviews to become a more interesting character going through little arcs and adventures on his own while also doing a review or countdown.

As his name would imply he reviews nostalgic movies and cartoon series that upon looking back may be godawful or just plain old silly. Some videos from his review series that I would suggest are the Nicholas Cage Month movie reviews and the Matrix Month movie reviews.

During Nicholas Cage Month he reviews movies such as The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, and Face Off. Each review is humorous and pokes fun at the corny acting and over-the- top expressions of Nick Cage. And Matrix Month is entirely dedicated to reviewing the three core movies of the Matrix Trilogy and the spin-off film Animatrix. All together ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com is a great website with amazing reviews and a stellar core crew. I would highly recommend it if you are in need of a good laugh.

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