Rambler writer meets SNL cast member Kenan Thompson

April 19, 2016

Over spring break one of The Rambler‘s very own met with one of comedy’s biggest stars. Junior editor Brian Buseck met one of Saturday Night Live’s cast members, Kenan Thompson. Thompson has been a cast member on SNL since 2003. Over the years he has portrayed numerous recurring characters, notably Steve Harvey and Al Sharpton.

SNL's Kenan Thompson poses for a photo with junior editor Brian Buseck

SNL’s Kenan Thompson poses for a photo with junior editor Brian Buseck

The unexpected meeting all started over spring break. Buseck and his sister were waiting in line for their food in the St. Thomas Airport. Then, all of a sudden, Buseck’s sister noticed Thompson sitting at the bar. At this point she asked Buseck, “Is that Kenan Thompson?” When Buseck, a beloved SNL fan promptly responded with a resounding, “Yes” Buseck wasn’t quite sure at first, but as he approached the comedy icon he became certain that it was him.

Buseck had the luxury of being able to talk to the SNL star. Buseck approached Kenan and said, “Hi, I’m Brian. I watch you on SNL. I’m a big fan.”

After that Buseck pulled his phone out and snagged a selfie with Thompson. After this brief exchange, Buseck and Thompson went their separate ways.

Buseck spoke fondly of the experience. “He was kind to me, but not goofy or outspoken like you see him on TV.” He also shared about how this experience changed his life, “It was really cool to meet a celebrity.” However, he added that he was a bit nervous and starstruck in the moment.

After meeting Thompson, Buseck enjoys the fact that he has a good story to tell his friends back home. He has a greater appreciation when watching Thompson on SNL saying, “When I watch SNL and see Kenan, I think to myself ‘I met that guy.'”

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