Teacher Profile: Mr. Sean Fleming

September 14, 2018

Mr. Fleming is one of several new teachers at Cathedral Prep this school year. He was hired over the summer as a new history and politics teacher, filling the shoes of Mr. Pituch who was hired as the new Vice-President of Academics and Student Affairs. Mr. Fleming has always had the drive to become a teacher, as he enjoys helping people, and he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

After being on the dark side for many years, Mr. Fleming finally came to the good side. He attended that school in Millcreek, McDowell High School, and graduated from there in 2012. He went on to study at Slippery Rock University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education social studies. After earning his degree, Mr. Fleming worked at Central Tech and then returned to teach at his alma mater, McDowell High School. Finally, this past summer, Mr. Fleming came to his senses when he applied for the open position and got the job at Cathedral Prep after his interview.

When questioned how it feels to fill Mr. Pituch’s shoes, Fleming responded with confidence. “It feels good, but I know that I need to challenge students like he did.” This is a tough role to fill, but Mr. Fleming is perfectly qualified and ready to complete the task.

Mr. Fleming has been in other schools before, and therefore he has seen other atmospheres and how Cathedral Prep compares to other area high schools. When asked what he thought of Prep before working here, he said that he did not know much about Prep.

All he knew about Prep was that they were good at sports and known for its strong brotherhood and connections.

He was then asked what his view on the school is so far after only being here for a few weeks. He said, “There is a negative stereotype about [Prep] students that I have not seen yet,” adding, “[their] manners are the best that I have ever seen.”

Mr. Fleming’s observation attests to what the student body and the Cathedral Prep family already knows but the much of the general public does not.

In addition to being a history teacher, Mr. Fleming enjoys many other things in his personal life, including staying active, traveling, and being an avid sports fan. His favorite place to travel is Washington, D.C.,and the number one place that he hopes to visit is Rome, Italy. Mr. Fleming’s favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles, but he is also a big University of Pittsburgh Panthers and Florida Marlins fan.

Please help welcome Mr. Fleming to the Cathedral Prep family and wish him good luck throughout his first year.

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