Recent “Juul epidemic” spreads to high school classrooms

October 22, 2018

Eliminating cigarettes, yet adding another addictive product on the market is a controversial topic throughout many people today. Juuls have captured nearly three quarters of the e-cigarette market, and sales have blown up 800 percent in the past year. Many of these sales go directly towards teenagers, and smokers looking to quit using cigarettes. Although Juuls and e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, one of the key ingredients in a Juul pod is nicotine. Not only is it highly addictive chemical, the effects of it over a long time period of time can be just as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. It can mess up the cardiovascular system, which leads to heart disease and gives the user many different forms of cancer. There is a long list of things nicotine can do to the human body beyond the addictive effect of using it.

It’s recommended that non-smokers should never start using this product. In reality, many of the customers have never been introduced to nicotine before, and many of these people are kids. The Juul device itself is very easy to conceal because of its sleek design. Many adults think it’s a flash drive for school work. This becomes a problem when many of the teen population becomes addicted to getting a quick “buzz” all the time, although it isn’t legal. Flavored tobacco products are an ideal way that the tobacco companies appeal to kids and young adults. Especially these fruity flavors like mango, fruit medley, and mint. These flavors make Juuling for kids an easy habit.

A big accomplishment by making this product is that millions of people who used to smoke cigarettes have been able to make the transition to a healthier alternative. It’s estimated that over a million people switched to vapor over tobacco. As researchers continue to study health risks, users and regulators try to keep up and, Juul’s monumental growth continues.

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