55 people donate during NHS-sponsored blood drive


The Rambler

image2 (1)Last Tuesday, Jan. 20, Cathedral Prep’s National Honors Society hosted their annual blood drive. Those who generously decided to volunteer to donate offered up a pint of blood, roughly 10 percent of their total blood volume. Many students scheduled to donate, but some had to back out. Those who stuck with it received both the satisfaction of charity and an opportunity to eat snacks during the school day.
image3Cathedral Prep students showed great courage as 55 people donated blood, including 47 students and 8 faculty and staff members. Representatives from the drive said the amount of blood that Prep donated will help in the treatment of over 165 patients.
image4There are many reasons a student would decide to make this contribution. Hunter Emerson chose donate because he believed he would make a difference. Pat Steele donated because he saw an opportunity to help people, and he wants to take those opportunities every chance he gets.
The overwhelming consensus is that Cathedral Prep students want to save lives. As a Catholic school, it is instilled in our backbones to always try to do the thing that is beneficial for the most human lives.
The blood was collected by the Community Blood Bank, and it will be used in various ways. Some of the most common uses of donor blood are in transplant surgeries, car accident victims, and heart surgeries.