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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

iOS7 set to be released on Sept. 18


It is widely known that Cathedral Prep is the best school in the area when it comes to technology. As this school year begins, the iPads are seeing a complete overhaul to their operating system as iOS 7 is introduced.
Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, it has been known for being ahead of its time and having a clean and simple to use operating system. Over the years though, iOS has grown old as new phones are taking the market with bigger and better features. Apple is back in the game though with the introduction of iOS 7. With a load of new features and a re-imagined home screen, iOS 7 is going to completely change the Apple devices we use everyday.
Now, I realize not everyone at Prep is as tech savvy as Mr. Mezler, and you may be thinking to yourself, “How am I going to learn how to use my iPad once it is updated to iOS 7?” Fear not, though. Looking at the new home screen and seeing the new icons may seem daunting at first, but iOS 7 is basically just a newer, more modern skin overtop of the operating system that has been on iPhones and iPads for years.
There are some new features as well to go along with the updated interface. The biggest additions besides the new look of the home screen are the Control Center, an updated Notification Center, and a new Multitasking set up. Some other new additions include redesigned apps, the ability to slide from anywhere on the lock screen to unlock, an intuitive interface that changes features of the device based on the background, and a new way to use the camera and view pictures.
Probably the biggest change, though, is to the Control Center. The new Control Center allows users to access settings of their device with a simple slide up from the bottom of the screen. On the iPad some of these features are already accessible by swiping left while in the Multitasking bar, like volume and brightness sliders, music controls, and screen rotation lock. These controls have been taken out of the Multitasking feature and put into the Control Center, along with other features that are easily accessible, like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplane Mode.
Those features mentioned were removed from the Multitasking bar because Multitasking went through a big redesign. Apple is leaving behind the slide-up Multitasking bar and instead they are moving towards a more Windows-Phone-like Multitasking screen. The most recently used apps are displayed by double-tapping the home button along with a screenshot of where the app was left off when closed. The way an app is closed has changed as well. Instead of tapping, holding, and hitting the red minus to remove an app from the Multitasking bar, now a simple flick up removes an app.
While those new features are great, in my eyes the one drawback to iOS 7 is that there is still no true multitasking. Sure, I can double tap the home button and four-finger swipe up and switch apps, but, Apple could implement a way to get two apps on the same screen. Imagine being able to do homework on one side of the screen with your book open on the other side. While Multitasking was updated, Apple missed a huge opportunity to really revolutionize what the iPad can do with it.
All in all, iOS 7 looks to be a great update to the operating system on iPads and iPhones. Along with iOS 7, Apple looks to be introducing two new iPhones at an event they are holding on Sept. 10. The new operating system will be available on those new phones, the iPhone 5S, an update to the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C, a new iPhone with a plastic back panel that will hopefully be more affordable so more people can use iPhones. Other Apple devices that iOS 7 will be compatible with are iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up, and the iPod touch 5th generation. New iPads look to be on the horizon as well, and will probably be introduced in October.

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