Opinion: There’s nothing fun about “fun size” candy


Brian Buseck

We’ve all been there, standing in the Wegman’s check out line hoping for a sweet treat, but the only option is fun size. If you’re unfamiliar with fun size, consider yourself lucky. Fun size is pretty much a way for candy corporations to make stupid people think they are getting something special for their money, when really they are getting robbed. It’s just an extra small size candy bar. “Fun size” should be eliminated from the world forever for a few reasons.
First of all, there’s nothing fun about less candy. This is an obvious, undeniable truth. Would you rather have more or less cake? More or less pudding? More or less cookies? The answer is a definitive more and the same answer applies to candy.
Secondly, think about the kids. Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for them, second only to Christmas. Children and their parents spend lots of time and money buying and making their costumes, and they deserve a decent reward. There’s nothing more disheartening than emphatically chanting “trick-or-treat!” only to receive a small “fun size” candy bar. Likewise, nothing will lift a child’s spirits, making their night, perhaps year, like receiving a king size candy bar. Offered a choice between the two, any well functioning kid will choose the king size over the fun size.
Also, childhood obesity is at an all time high in our nation, and we need to bring that number down. The unfortunate reality of fun size candy is that one can eat a lot of it without even realizing it. One might argue that king size bars encourage one to eat more, but at least people are aware of how much they have eaten. The tiny portions of fun size bars allow an innocent child to consume mass amounts of chocolate without even knowing it, which is very unhealthy.
Last but not least, fun size candy bars encourage littering. It’s very apparent that a little fun size candy bar is much more portable than a king size. One is more likely to eat a fun size candy bar “on the go” than a larger bar. This indubitably leads to people consuming their little candy bars in places that do not have trash cans, and tossing the wrapper over their shoulder. One fun size wrapper may not seem like much, but these wrappers add up, eventually leading to landfills filled with fun size wrappers. These wrappers can get picked up by wind, scattering far and wide to infiltrate the ecosystems of some of the world’s most precious animals. If say, a baby harp seal were to consume one of these wrappers, they could choke and die, leading to the extinction of these adorable creatures. Some readers may think that this is stretching it, but it’s a very possible occurrence.
The point is pretty clear. There is literally not one good thing about fun size candy bars. Hopefully big name companies will come to realize this and right the wrongs that they have committed by putting this abomination on the market.