The hidden treasures of Cathedral Prep’s library


The Rambler

Sitting in the Hilbert Family Library Commons during just about every day of my Cathedral Prep career my mind would wonder what the library has other than just a lounge for students in study hall or between classes. So I finally decided to dive deeper into the realm of the library and document my findings.

  • Pleasantine RouletteIMG_5076
    While wandering around the library looking for hidden treasures buried deep in the book cases, from across the library I hear a scream of excitement of senior Jack Zaphiris. When investigating what he found it turned out to be a portable Roulette game. Little did I know that students can check out more than just books in the library but gambling games also.
  • The stained glass windows
    IMG_5110After spending several class periods looking into all of this information behind the library I decided to relax on a couch. When looking up I noticed the stained glass windows. Then I realized how underappreciated said windows are. In my four years at Prep I have always known their presence but never took the time to actually look at them.
    IMG_5111Mr. Bhatti told me that the place we call the library today was actually being built to be a church for the school. However, when looking into verifying this information, I was disappointed when Fr. Hahn informed me this is a common misconception. But Fr. Hahn was able to enlighten me, informing me that the windows on the west side are all about the traditional subjects that educated people are supposed to know. On the east the windows represent those communities that all of us are connected to and the virtues they promote.
  • The secret table
    IMG_5082Still wandering around the library I spotted what appeared to be a cupboard of some sort across the library. After venturing up to the to the mezzanine I attempted opening this supposed cupboard. To my surprise a large plank folded out into a table. So the next time you’re in the library and there’s nowhere to sit head up to the secret table for the guaranteed seat.
  • Time Flies by Bill Cosby
    Almost every organization who has recognized Bill Cosby has recalled his awards or recognition after the numerous scandals surfaced. With the mass criticism surrounding Cosby you would think Cathedral Prep would remove anything related to to him. To my dismay I found a book titled “Time Flies” by Bill Cosby still available at the library.