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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: First Place (Daniel Anthony, Opinion Category); Fifth Place (Brendan Jubulis, Sports)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

What would you do if you won the Powerball lottery?


The Rambler staff tends to do what they can to stay up with current events in the world. Yesterday’s record-breaking Powerball jackpot caught the attention of many of the staff writers. Even though many of our writers are too young to actually buy tickets, it was easy for them to decide what their first moves would be had they won.
“I would buy land everywhere. With my money, I would buy the entire state of North Dakota and turn it into my ranch and build a wall around it so nobody would bother me. I also would buy California-based burger chain In-N-Out Burger so I could get free Double-Double cheeseburgers and Animal Fries for every meal.  Since I would have so much time on my hands I would get really bored. So to occupy my time, I would get a job at Walmart.  Outlandish events always seem to unfold at Walmart so I think working there would be very entertaining.” -Daniel Anthony
“If I were fortunate enough to win the lottery I would first give five million dollars to all of my closest family members and friends. Next I would build my own home and make sure it had a sport court, pool, and the manliest man cave of all-time. Following that I would spend a year following a college basketball team of my choice all across the country. After that I would donate roughly 100 million dollars to Prep and then invest the rest to ensure there is enough money left for my children and grandchildren.” -Daniel Brugger
“If I won the Powerball I would do a few things. First, I’d go to all the Broadway shows I wanted, starting with Hamilton. After that, I’d build a swimming pool, fill it with $50 bills, and jump in. That’d be cool. ​I’d also buy a private jet and visit every beautiful corner of the Earth. I’d hit up Galapagos, Africa, Italy, and buy a vacation home in the Caribbean. I’d start a restaurant franchise, a place like Applebee’s. ​Lastly I’d donate to the American Cancer Society. Also, I’d adopt an elephant because I care about those guys.” -Brian Buseck
“If I won the lottery I would give some of my money to my parents, my church (St. Andrew’s) and my grade school (Blessed Sacrament), so that it would not downsize. I would buy a good amount of land in Mercer, Pa., so I could be in the middle of Pittsburgh and Erie. I would build a big cabin style house away from the city. I would buy a Jeep Wrangler. I would also buy season tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates. I would also buy my own radio station so I could be a talk show radio host and have others work for me, too.” -Nick Frisina
“If I won the billion dollars I would buy Erie Catholic Preparatory School (Prep and Villa). Then I would sell Villa and give Prep back to Fr. Jabo. I would then drop out of high school and throw the biggest party ever. Then I would buy several beach houses around the world and a private jet, so I could commute wherever I wanted to. Then I would get a financial adviser to invest the rest of my money to make sure I have income. Then I would be able to live comfortably the rest of my life.” -Josh Kurczewski
“If I won the lottery of $1.3 billion, I would immediately drop out of school and start living a life of relaxation and luxury. I’d keep my current house and add a ton of modern, high tech amenities, while also buying a penthouse in Chicago or New York. I’d also buy a brand new 2016 Ford F-150 Platinum, and a 2016 BMW i8, along with a plethora of luxury watches and designer clothing. After doing these things, I would use my money to spontaneously buy anything and everything I would want on a day-to-day basis, while also investing and putting a lot of my money in the bank so I could gain interest and make even more money.” -JP Martin
“The question going around is what would you do if you won the billion dollar jackpot. Well, my answer is simple and sweet. I am a very fancy many who likes to live lavish. I would buy my dream car which is the 2016 Maserati Ghibli. Then, I would buy my family whatever they want and give them a lot of the cash. Then, with what is left I would travel the world. My first stop would be Sydney, Australia. I would stay in the nicest resort and soak it up. The rest is history. The next destination would be Italy.” -David Rahner
“If I won the lottery, the possibilities of things I would potentially do would be endless. First, I would donate to Cathedral Prep, as well as giving money to The Rambler‘s budget. I would then proceed to donate money to get Prep its own ice rink also to be used by local travel teams. I would make sure to take my family on a very nice vacation to somewhere in Mexico along with a number of my friends. Finally, I would buy some property on Lake Erie and build an absolute mansion for my parents to live in. Then, I would attempt to open up my own restaurant specializing in burgers and pizza.” -Joe Sala
“With that kind of money, I would build my own house. The house would have three basketball courts in there with stands. There would also be around a dozen luxurious cars. Then I would move to a beach house in Florida while keeping that same house in Erie and buy a yacht so my place in Florida is like a vacation place.” -Jaryn Simpson
“If I won the Powerball, what would I do with there money? First of all I would make sure that my family, future family, and so on could live comfortably forever. I would do this by hiring a trusted financial adviser to help multiply my money. What I would most want to do, however, is sit court side at a Boston Celtics home game with my family. Then I would open up a pizza shop, because Erie really lacks quality pizza. Hopefully I win!” -Tanner Ziacik

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