Students enjoy Beach Day dress down for Catholic Schools Week


Brian Buseck

Wednesday of Catholic Schools Week was certainly the hottest day of the week due to the students, teachers, and staff celebrating Beach Day. The temperature actually cooperated, too, as Erie enjoyed an unseasonably warm mid-50s day in early February. For some students, Beach Day is one of the best days of the year. It only comes behind Christmas, one’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and maybe Halloween.
One of the five days of Prep’s Catholic Schools Week, Beach Day was just what it sounds like: a beach themed day. Students were not only permitted, but encouraged, to wear T-shirts, tank tops, Hawaiian shirts, and cargo shorts or pants. Sunglasses and hats were also allowed. Some students went for the “cool guy” look, with the bro tanks and shades, while others strived to look like their fathers at an all-inclusive resort, wearing loud Hawaiian shirts, shorts with enough pockets to hold a whole tool chest, and a beach hat with a diameter bigger than that of a large Little Caesar’s pizza. Many teachers also got in on the action. Honorable mention goes to Mr. Alexa for sporting a bird hat. Not a hat that had birds on it, but a hat that was a bird. I only saw him for one brief moment in passing, but no one has ever made the halls of Prep feel as close to the Bahamas as this man did.
Junior Nicholas Hardner, an avid fan of beach day, had a few things to say about the experience. “Beach Day is one of the best days of my year,” he said. “It makes the classroom feel like a tropical paradise. Once I put on my Hawaiian shirt I am instantly transported to somewhere sunny and 75. The beach theme allows me to relax and focus on my studies while still having a fun day.”
Overall, beach day was awesome. It left everyone feeling “terminally chill.”
View a photo gallery of Beach Day 2016 below: