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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Opinion: Reacting to KKK Grand Dragon’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton


Endorsements are a key component of having a successful campaign. They can provide a candidate with another support base in which they may not have previously have gotten. Big endorsements that are typically welcomed are Presidential endorsements like Bush, Obama, Clinton or big Congresspersons like Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Diane Feinstein, or Mitch McConell. Sometimes even groups can be great endorsements, like the Heritage Foundation, ACLU, or the multitude of Super PACs. Candidates welcome these endorsements because they provide substantial amounts of money, and are typically positive endorsements.
On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front runner, received a nomination she may not have been too proud to get.
Yesterday, the notorious, racist, Catholic-hating organization known as the Ku Klux Klan led by “Grand Dragon” Will Quigg  voiced support for Clinton, inciting she has a secret agenda. Quigg was asked by Fox News how he knows about Clinton’s supposed secret KKK-friendly agenda? “I cannot reveal my sources,” he said. “It’s my opinion – if you know what I mean, wink, wink. I don’t want her to come back and say I’m slandering her.”
Alright. Time to turn up here.
The first thing you should question about the endorsement is the fact that it is from the KKK. The KKK! The organization that has murdered more than 3,000 African Americans! Personally, I have no idea how they are allowed to be around anymore. I mean, they’ve committed multiple acts of domestic terrorism; that’s just plain old wrong! Any instance of racism is unacceptable.
Since America has accepted the fact that racism is wrong and extremely bad, the KKK’s support had relatively fallen off the side of the world. They’ve really become a pointless organization, spewing radical, crazy, racist, and nutty phrases out that just sound unintelligible.
The second thing you should question about the endorsement is that Mr. Quigg here is referred to as a “Grand Dragon.” Yes, his title as a leader is Grand Dragon. His superior is called a Grand Wizard. The Grand Wizard is in charge of ruling over the empire. Quigg is in charge of ruling over certain “realms.” Under Quigg, are eight Hydras who serve as workhorses for the Grand Dragon. But that’s not all, folks! The Grand Giant rules over provinces, and under the Giant…get this…are Goblins. Yes, if you serve under the Grand Giant you are a Goblin. Inspiring!
If the KKK was trying to hide their evil ways, they did not do a very good job with their hierarchical names. I mean it literally sounds like they want to be the bad guys from Spamelot! Maybe that’s what they were going for. Not only do the names sound ridiculously cheesy, but the names on face value show that the people in the KKK want to be looked upon as bad dudes. Am I supposed to want to grow up aspiring to become a Hydra, dutifully serving my Grand Dragon?
I don’t think so.
The last thing that really got me about Grand Dragon Quigg’s interview was the usage of the phrase “wink, wink.” I’m not going to lie; I utilize the phrase quite often. But when asked by a news source of Fox News’s caliber why I’d support a candidate, I would never think of saying “wink, wink.” It sounds really sketchy and really suggestive,  especially coming out of the mouth of a ethnic cleansing supporter like Will Quigg. On a shade scale of 1-10, the “wink, wink” comment would definitely reach a 9.7.
It’s hard not laugh when thinking about the words he used and his title is absurd. Veteran science teacher Mr. Wahlmark said, “It sounds like a game of Dungeons and Dragons.” The usage of wizards, dragons, realms, empire, hydras, and giants just makes the KKK look even more illegitimate.
But what is not laughable is the disgusting acts which the KKK have perpetrated. They are despicable and unacceptable in our current American society. Murder and terrorism cannot be tolerated.
Expect a quick and decisive answer from the Clinton camp attempting to stray away from this endorsement.
One last tidbit regarding Will Quigg. He previously came out supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump in September. But in February he backed out from his support saying, “We don’t like his hair. It’s a toupee.” Sound reasoning coming from the Grand Dragon…wink, wink.

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